Oct 2011 11

We’re feverishly working behind the scenes to prepare for our next show. Check back here for announcements soon.

Mar 2011 16

WNEP Theater is proud to announce General Auditions for the 12th Annual SKALD Storytelling Competition

The SKALD is comprised of two contests:

The MAELSTROM (rounds of extemporaneous stories inspired by suggestions from the audience) and The SKALD (prepared 7 minute stories).  The event will be held on Friday and Saturday, May 20 and 21, 2011.  No pay but the winner of the MAELSTROM receives $150.00 in cash and the winner of the SKALD receives $250.00 in cash.
General auditions will be held on Sunday, April 10 (12PM – 6PM) at the DCA Studio Theatre (77 E. Randolph); callback auditions will be held Monday, April 11 (7PM – 10PM) at the Chicago Cultural Center.  You must be available for callbacks.


Sign up for a 5-minute audition slot by emailing Don at dray4255@me.com and be prepared to tell the first two minutes of a longer story or improvise a two minute story based on auditor suggestion.  You may audition for both contests, so indicate that in the request for a slot.


Solo stories, no props, no costumes, no technical additions.  Other than that, the sky is the limit.

Mar 2011 06

With a great run, POSTMORTEM closed Saturday night. There is no show tonight, March 6th, but you can check out the next FREQUENCY show on Saturday March 18th.

Feb 2011 19

Below is a small sample of the records of Thomas Studnary, my wife’s grandfather. Born in 1927, he worked (while a minor) as a trackman for a railroad company, served as a Seaman on the Pacific front in World War II, the Coast Guard, moved through barbering school and working at a coal mine before moving to Long Island where he began a long career at a hospital. He and his wife Angeline had three children. He passed away in 1994.

Jan 2011 18

August 8th, 1964.
Just listening to this audio of a telephone call between President Johnson and the Haggar Pants company really makes it clear just how important pants were to this man.

From kottke.org:

In want of slacks, President Lyndon Johnson called up the Haggar clothing company and requested several pairs be made in the style of a pair he already owned. Except a little bigger in the crotch…”down where your nuts hang” as Johnson put it.

As you listen to the whole thing, just keep in mind that this man passed the Civil Rights Act, Medicare and Medicaid and was known as the greatest congressional negotiator of our time. And he wanted a little more space because it was “like riding a wire fence”.

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