Nov 2010 05

Today is Friday.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
Do the friggin’ math.

Aug 2010 17

Hello, my lovelies!

On Saturday, August 28th, at Transistor on Clark, I will be performing a monologue called Woman Stand Up, written by Christopher Durang and directed by my good friend Sarah Greywitt as part of the Andersonville Performance Collective, a monthly event featuring performances by local artists.

Transistor is one of the coolest, most unique new establishments in the city of Chicago, and if you’ve never been there (or even if you have), save the date and swing on by. The show is free, starts at 8:00, and you can bring your own booze.

Plus, you’ll get to hang out with my handsome husband, who swears that if there has ever been a monologue written for me, this is it. I don’t know if that’s true, but there you go.

Once again, here are the details:

  • What: Andersonville Performance Collective
  • When: Saturday, August 28th at 8pm
  • Where: Transistor – 5045 North Clark
  • Why: Why not?
  • Admission: FREE!

Thanks for reading, y’all. I hope to see you there!

Hugs and Puppy Kisses,

Lori Goss
Business Manager