May 2011 14

And it’s here once again!

The 12th (!!!) Annual SKALD Storytelling Week has arrived.

Monday at 10AM – Amanda Rountree conducts a two-hour storytelling workshop for kids at the Cultural Center (5th Floor, Washington Room)

Tuesday at 6PM – 9PM – Don Hall and Amanda Rountree work with adults to inspire creativity and add structure to your stories and give you a chance to share some with the participants.  We’ll also encourage those that attend to contact and sign up for the various storytelling nights throughout the regular week that have sprouted up throughout the city.

Friday at 7:30PM – DCA Studio Theater – MAELSTROM!  Six improvising SKALDs spin tales based on your suggestions and you vote who walks away with $150.00!

Saturday at 3:00PM – DCA Studio Theater – KidSKALD!!  This one is FREE to the public.


  1. Seth Steinberg – age 11
  2. Annabelle Gross – age 10
  3. Madyson Hersh – age 8
  4. Talia Levy – age 13
  5. Maggie Maher – age 11
  6. Adam Rothschild – age 14
  7. Carly Merdinger – age 10
  8. Kelly Olvany – age 10
  9. Annie Roge – age 17
  10. Elita Ernsteen – age 11
  11. Stephanie Reedy – age 11
  12. Melanie Neilann – age 11

Saturday at 7:30PM – DCA Studio Theater – SKALD 12!  Ten stories, one winner and a spectacular night out!



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  1. J Shivar says:

    I hope the Skald week went very well. I’m sorry to have missed it, but Michelle and I were out of the country and did not get back until late Saturday afternoon. We were too tired from having to get up super early for our travel plans. We’ll try to make the Skald at the Acorn.
    Great job everyone, I’m sure.

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